05 September 2011

wahai all pet lover...... read this pls..

this regarding issue yg FOF post semalam.. 

kalau xtau apa boleh baca kat sini


by Kucing Terbiar & Anjing Jalanan on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 11:01am

ATTENTION ALL: A press conference will be held at Arcadia 1, level 3, Armada Hotel at 5 pm today re the pet hotel fiasco.

The press conference will also be a platform for NGOs to express their frustrations over the poor animal welfare laws which may see the operators walk away with a small fine.

We hope owners who have already collected their cats to also be there to speak to the media.

They were not held by the police and allowed to go yesterday itself.

All the animal welfare groups are expected to attend.

If you are an animal welfare/rescue group and have not received a phone or e-mail invitation, please regard this as your invitation.

We are working against time to get the press releases etc in place and because may have overlooked some things. Those who can attend, please be there to show support.

Forget about the traffic jam etc, we have to have it at 5pm because many are at work but can leave their respective offices a little early to be on time. This is important.

Please show your support!

Thanks MDDB for leading us a way to bring the culprits down!

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