07 September 2011

the winner for contest gaya awesome

sorry for the delay..really really busy
ok. now FOF and she winter will announce the winner
for our contest

here the winner:

very awesome right?hehe
congratulation  :)

here the top 5..
but only the winner get the prize..

terima kasih pada sume yg join contest ktorang ni
pada yang xmenang tu no harm k??
maybe next time :)
and for the winner, email me:
ur name
ur address
ur phone number

if dalam masa smggu, no respon, the prize will go to the next winner  :)

.dah habis baca ? sila la comment.


Rosmawati Yusof said...

Tahniah pd pemenang juga pd FOF, nnti buat lagi...abg Madan nak masuk katanya...

family of fur said...

hehe.. insya Allah..
abg madan hensem katakan.hehe.. peluk die tok fof k. :)

MissCt a.k.a MuqDeq said...

Mmg gile ohsem.. :)
Sgt comel!!

family of fur said...

hehe.. awesomekan??

cyAh pUnyErrr said...
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