05 August 2011

1st Anniversary Giveaway + Lucky Draw Contest

spe yg xsuka beg.. betul x??
laki n pempuan sume suka beg..
td FOF tengah bw kat blog2 jiran..
then terjumpala psl giveaway ni..

to join this GA de 3 option yg boleh pilih
A: through fb
B: as a blogger
C: through purchase.

so FOF pilih option B:  as a blogger
ni detail2 yg tuan uma mntk

Step 1: Become one of our blog followers.
Step 2: Blog about this contest and link back to this post. 
Step 3: Email us with your Name, Link of your post, Contact Number and Mailing Address.

Ni lak adia2 yg LOVEBAG nk bg

so jenguk2la blog LOVEBAG ni k?

PS: hope kali de luck mng.. huhu.. wish me luck k?
ley pki beg tok raye ni..hehe

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